Machani Ananda

Type4 BHK Apartment
Design date24/10/2018 to 18/12/2018
StyleModern Contemporary

Neelesh desired a big palace look, of course we delivered!

We turned every room into a white canvas to give that luxurious look with a tinge of brass and grey. The Italian marble flooring in cream, light rugs with a subtle design and colour, voila! Grey sofa with white and grey cushions to match the curtains and black floor lamp in the living room. A minimalistic approach in the bedroom with a sliding door used for the wardrobe and soothing white, grey and golden tones used everywhere. A spacious puja room where you can feel the serenity and peace as soon as you enter. Elegant chandeliers, cube clean modern furniture and stylish lamps. Personally, we kinda fell in love with the kitchen!