Bohemian Style

The word Bohemian first appeared in the 19th century to describe the non-traditional nature and lifestyle of artists, musicians and writers. If you have a harmonious relaxed spirit, then this is the style your soul seeks. Bright warm colours for handmade rugs, lively indoor plants like palms, ferns and money plants. Use soothing hues in gypsy drapes. Expressive bold patterns and paintings, colourful cushions and throws. A contrast of patterns, shapes and tones will add an individualistic personality yet welcome the guests with warmth. Be it Moroccan, Indian or Persian theme, bohemian décor invokes comfort, visual interest and lively tales of adventure.

Luxurious dark colours like Emerald Green, Rich Burgundy and Deep Purple give character to the walls. If you want an authentic bohemian look, get closer to the floor! Floor seating with different sizes of cushions and throws. Time-worn furniture and knick knacks, ancient wall hangings with golden warm lighting make it a perfect bohemian house. A bohemian room is indulgent, you won’t find empty spaces. Printed ottomans, peacock pattern pieces, crocheted or beaded curtains are your typical Boho chic.

Every corner and every antique piece tells a story. Your guests would want to know where you found all the trinkets and treasures.All the artefacts and furniture should be curated based on individualistic taste and the chosen style. Select unique and charming pieces to adorn your home that is not just Instagram-friendly but also practical and functional to suit your needs. Make an assertive statement of freedom through our designs!