Contemporary Style

The style dates back to the 70s, when contemporary started borrowing different styles to create its very own. On the other hand, Modern style is a reflection of modern art movements, consisting of many different and complex versions. Sleek surfaces and crisp interiors create a dazzling effect in the room.

Forever evolving, the contemporary style is gaining popularity once again as more people are finding the reflection of their lifestyle and personality in its look. Curvy furniture designs organically blending comfort and sophistication in the style. Use of metals like stainless steel, nickel and chrome in furniture pieces are very common in the theme. Stylish metal mirrors, chandeliers and grand sculptures adorning the rooms. You will find the use of geometric concepts and elements placed in white open spaces. Contemporary style sings fresh, clean architectural lines using subtle colours.

It is the timeless elegance and sophisticated look, seamlessly integrated into a personal style. Beautifully defined interiors paying homage to minimalism capture both, digital revolution and environmentally conscious forms of design. In a chaotic world, it is important to live in the present and that’s what our contemporary style inspires people to move towards. When creativity meets innovation and imagination follows functional furnishings, beautiful dreams are designed!