Eclectic Style

Turn your home into a playground and explore different themes while creating your very own eclectic style. Warm and pastel colours are used in rugs, cushions and curtains to create a subtle atmosphere. You will find this particular style in many ranches and beach condos. A gallery wall capturing beautiful memories with vibrant colours introduces a welcoming space. Eclectic is a diaspora of styles and it gracefully settles in with your personality.

You can play with your imagination and let your personality take over while setting up your home. Rustic colours like orange, maroon and brick red with white, creams and greens work best. Show off some bare brick or stone walls, mix wood and metal or marble and sandstone. Fluffy bright cushions, hand woven rugs with bright shades sets the aesthetic narrative. Imagine a place where you can curl up with your best friends and share some wonderful stories. No one is immune to the charm of an eclecticism.

Quirky furniture and accessories, handpicked personally to make your home extra special. Turn your apartment into an intimate and innovative harmony. Showcase artisanal pieces that tell a great story of a lovely memory, maybe some floor lamps and floral wing chairs would be a nice touch. Place everything with care and create a special space for each item in the room. Don’t mistake Eclectic for a messy room, neat and tidy does it. This style celebrates your personality, be open and design it with love.