French Style

Large flower vases and pots, big classical paintings and intricate wall engravings are signature themes for this style. Art and elegance dance merrily, bold and fine gold borders frame cabinets and bedposts. Contrasts are to be avoided to bring in harmony and balance. You can feel the ancient grandeur of the throwback ages in the accessories placed in perfect order around the rooms. Lovers of antiques can rejoice, from candle holders to Greek vessels, hanging plates to beautiful figurines, every room is filled with unique pieces of history.

French white windows with floor to ceiling drapes made from natural material like cotton or linen to make the room breath in all the sunlight. Wall lamps and bold crystal chandeliers would give that extravagant touch. Printed couches with an antique glass table place at the centre of the room, an objet d’art in front of a bare wall would be a sure conversation starter. You can also play with wall sconces with fringes or crystals, tall white lamps and high gilt-wood mirrors in the living room.

A silver and rustic theme for the dining room with white chairs and big wooden dining table shows your guests what a fine connoisseur you are. Go for Colonial paintings gold printed patterns. Fine vintage pieces, furniture and old tapestries would transport you back by centuries. Retire like a royalty to a dreamy bedroom of silk sheets, feather pillows and woollen rugs. Pretty floral wallpapers with soft neutral pallet and soothing interiors transform your personal nook into a charming abode of peace.