Hollywood Regency Style

The term Hollywood Regency was coined around the 20s and continues to adorn the homes and estate of celebrities even now. This design is extravagantly unbalanced, frivolously overdone yet stylish. Light and dark colour merged into ravishing patterns and asymmetric repetitions are commonly used. Animal prints like zebra, cheetah, lion and snake skin, crisscross and zigzag are favourites. Reds, maroons, blacks and white are the fearless shades in the living rooms of the famous and wealthy personalities. Huge vanity mirrors or sunburst ones, golden chandeliers and single shade carpets rule. This bold and seductive style is gaining popularity once again in Indian homes, celebrities are choosing this style to flaunt their lavish properties.

The Golden Age showed off movie posters and portraits of stars on the unapologetic rich walls, layered textures and metallic finishes. Bright glossy furniture, insane mix of lights and flashy accessories are a big hit. Then comes the hero, the entertainment centre! Trails of music records and movie memorabilia. Big bold screen, woofers and spotlight for the grand parties. Velvet, fur and silk are some of the luxurious fabrics used by the stars. Leather couches and barstools, fancy tables with decanters for that aged liquor.

Hollywood Regency is a design made for the popular and larger than life personalities. Glamour and drama are interlinked in every room. If the oversized sculptures, glamorous stairway and exaggerated elements appeal to you, then you are among the elites of the world. Check out Kannada Film Actor, Yash’s 3 BHK Duplex Penthouse dripping with this lavish style!