Industrial Style

Many cafes and lounges are incorporating this style for their interiors to cater to the working professionals to relax after a long day. Heavy use of metal, wires, wheels and raw materials are used to give that unfinished look. From greys, silvers to rustic and neutral colours paint the room, shipping containers, thick metal ladders and other machinery interiors make the space appear boisterous and pumped up. The solid machinery look is quite masculine and rugged.

Lighting is like a shadow dance and plays an important part, dark corners and scattered glowing bulbs. Trendy lamps with snake neck curves are very much in. Bare concrete floor, minimal use of fabrics, well, hard looks cool here. Metal racks and wheels of all kinds in different sizes can be incorporated. Utilitarian objects match perfectly with industrial style, it’s quite easy to make your interiors functional. You can also opt for nickel polished or stainless steel surface with brackets and tubes for framing.

Ideal for bachelors or roadie couples, especially if they have a lofty studio apartment. Use a fusion of wood, heavy metal and bricks to create an energetic atmosphere. Exposed ducts are commonly used in this style, add a bit of vintage furniture and industrial ornaments to complete the décor. Open bar with wooden planks and bar stools next to your kitchen would be perfect. Chains to hang the antique lamps or between plank shelves and some hand welded metal hardware can also be considered for this Iron Man interior style!