Mid Century Modern Style

Straight line ceilings, big glass doors and wide windows where you can view your surroundings clearly are some of the main features of a Mid Century Modern style. This open-plan room look allows ample sunlight into the house. A sign of a healthy and naturally bright home, you will find elements like wood, trees and water. The colours tend to be warm and natural like brown, grey, turquoise, orange, mustard, green and white. A fancy floor lamp or a classy chandelier is a style statement of a Mid Century Modern home. Rough textured woolen rugs, geometrical patterns on wallpaper or couch cushions would go well.

The kitchen cum dining space is a minimalist’s dream; clean and neat. Few potted herbs, antique cabinets and wide kitchen counters. Long wooden table with tall wooden stools overlooking a garden or a swimming pool. Whether you have a pad wedged on a hill, a gated-community skyscraper or a beach duplex, Mid Century Modern merges well with almost any scene. Be mindful of the structure before you choose your theme – wood, glass and loads of plants if you have a place in the woods sounds like a good start.

Pull up blinds are prefered more than drapes to maintain the open bare look. Choose warm lights for the evening, place a handful of beautiful antiques in the living room, don’t overcrowd. Wooden floors compliment the bare clean setting. Bedroom has to provide comfort and be functional at the same time. Besides your bed, two side tables, a huge mirror, a chair next your wardrobe should be sufficient.