Rustic Style

The most unpretentious, nature inspired style, rustic decor has a rugged charm. Go for grounded and earthy aesthetics, combine them with functional interiors. Structures that are close to nature are built to protect the inhabitants from all kinds of weather, with practical and bold characteristics. Natural organic elements like wood and stone create the unfinished rough appearance. Wide wooden planks, chunky metal pieces and bare wooden floors give a simple yet solid appearance.

Rustic decor tends to be darker and heavier, oversized furniture, raw logs are often used in its structure and interiors. Greens, charcoal and brown colours compliment the natural appearance with a hint of red, copper or amber tones. Huge stone fireplace, woolen rugs or Navajo-style carpets work too. Peaked natural wood ceilings and beams, panels and log-treaded stairs are pure rustic. Cactus and succulent indoor plants suit the natural rough image of a cabin or a farmhouse.

Wide windows with white cotton drapes, landscape paintings and ancient library collection. Large comfy couch and wingback chairs, broad log table, low table lamps and faux antler chandelier in the living room. Kitchen is usually simple with a huge long wooden table and tall bar-stools, rough-hewn timber walls, a bare wall just to hang your pot and pans. Cookie jars, potted fresh herbs and unpolished wooden fruit bowls. Add string lights, hurricane lamps or lanterns to your porch, potted ferns, polished or white painted porch swing with loads of throw cushions.