Scandinavian Style

“Hygge” in Danish means, “to give courage, comfort, joy”. Blond wood and rich leather tones, shapely sculptures and elegant table lamps. Brass, gold and glass get sprinkled across the vast space. Subtle tones of curtains flowing easily across the white walls, cosy bedroom fabrics to invite peace and light. Muted greys or beige matched with creams of fluffy rugs add a more inviting aura to the living room. Natural textures like jute or wool would give you all the soothing comfort you need. Yes, Scandinavians put comfort above everything else!

Scandinavians love fireplaces, cosy chairs and sofas placed around one is a warm welcome during cold winter nights. Warm wood furniture works quite well in the living room, sepia curtains and rugs make the room come alive and give that polaroid effect. Modern gadgets complement Scandinavian style with their sleek cool designs. Apothecary artefacts, dark wooden tables and metal lamps are characteristics of an intellectual and sophisticated individual. Bedrooms in blue, sepia, charcoal or grey tones with layers of bedding and minimal furniture bring calm and peace into your personal space. Double-duty furniture ensures a clutter-free homelife.

Large clean windows to invite natural sunlight and keep the room well ventilated. Clean simple designs are the best aesthetics for the rooms, storage pieces doubling as stylish décor is very much the trend. Modular kitchens with organisers, storage racks and black counters are very Scandinavian in nature. Go with a, “Less is more” philosophy!