Traditional Indian Style

From Rajasthan, Kerala, West Bengal to Punjab, North East and Maharashtra, Traditional Indian style celebrates its legacy with pride. The vast diversity and difference in culture, art and history across India is so rich and enchanting. There are countless themes and ethnic treasures to choose from!

Handmade tapestry, brass artefacts, and beautifully carved wooden furniture and antique damachiyas decorate the ethnic homes. Magnificently carved wooden jhoolas (Indian swings), four poster beds and gorgeous storage trunks created by some of the finest artisans. Intricate yet functional, this design is a signature style in rural regions. Hand woven fabrics, rugs and cushion covers in pop of bright colours like pink, rich brown, peacock blue, greens, burnt oranges and yellows. Earthy tones that are rich and majestic, with gold borders are a classic choice if Indians. Warli painting (traditional tribal art) on walls is quite popular in Maharashtra.

Painted cabinets embellished with ivory, mirror, metal, stones and beads are created by experienced craftsmen. Place low wooden tables for Indian seating (large bright cushions with traditional motifs, ottomans and low sofas), sandalwood and marble pieces arranged neatly on those show cabinets. Glowing brass lamps and Madhubani paintings (one of the famous Indian art forms from Bihar) and colourful handmade wall hangings are ideal for decorating the living room. Lovely terracotta pots and pieces on the porch and bamboo blinds on the balcony look just amazing. Should you choose this style, you would be spoilt for choice!