Transitional Style

Known for its clean and sleek nature, transitional style carries the modern look without overshadowing the traditional elements. Painted out molding, shaker cabinet doors, and taller ceiling heights are some of the features you will find in a transitional home. Combine old and new with a perfect mix of class and charisma.

Play with fabrics like cotton, chenille, suede and corduroy in traditional prints, cozy texture is what you are looking for here. Large couches and chairs, go for plush pieces with clean lines. Remember, comfort is the most important aspect of a transitional home. Furniture is usually grouped in to make it the focal point. Potted plants and rugs add more warmth to the room. Soothing neutral colours like warm white or tans to give that soft and subtle feel. If you want darker shades, opt for browns, soft greens or midnight blue to bring in some depth.

This style focuses on luxury and comfort, colourful rugs, cushion throws in contemporary prints and a long glass table. A contemporary chandelier goes well in the living room, metal frames, gold or bronze finish side tables and exposed fixtures. Get the cohesive look by mixing the modern and traditional interiors. Choose art that’s both impactful and beautiful, a grand centrepiece can do wonders that small pieces will fail to achieve. Steel kitchen counters, traditional cabinets with modular fittings would maintain the balance that you seek.