Zen Style

A school of Mahayana Buddhism, zen originated in China during Tang Dynasty, it can be traced to Japanese pronunciation of the word Chán with its roots going all the way to the Indian practice of meditation, dhyana. Inspired by Japanese interiors, zen style creates a tranquil space through a minimalistic approach. Balance and symmetry go hand in hand, a soothing shelter where you can unwind and let nature heal you.

Colours that make the room look spacious and clean are very zen, off-white, beige, sand, browns, tangerine, leafy or zade greens look divine. You can also consider keeping the walls bare if you want to the original zen look. Create harmonious balance through light and warm tones, shades that are close to nature are preferred. Timber or bamboo flooring, stone and porcelain tiles look amazing. Low broad table and Japanese calligraphy art would be ideal for that evening tea.

Place great leafy plants like palm and bamboo or bonsai ones like Umbrella Tree, Weeping Fig and Chrysanthemums. Place Asian deities along with a water fountain and serene landscaping are perfect. Delicate bamboo screens look great and can be used as a room divider. Most zen homes celebrate the union between outdoors and indoor. Bamboo, sea-grass and sand play a vital role in bringing in serenity and calm. Be mindful of how you use the storage space to ensure minimal display of items in the rooms. Use low or diffused lighting to keep the rooms warm, avoid bright or cold lights.